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Google Maps’ new Visual Positioning System fixes navigation

Trichy 4th december 2019

Google’s new innovative Visual Positioning System that gave a novel looks to the present maps navigation technology? This mind blowing update in the navigation world is creating a wave in life style of people all around the world. With this new technology, Google Maps can make use of the user’s phone camera to spot your surroundings and visually converse your direction right in front of your eyes.

How it works?

VPS uses Google’s extensive back-end data and your device’s camera to analyze the surroundings where you are in. The greater accuracy of the features makes it really easy for them to identify where you are.

  • First of all, the button should be tapped to activate the visual view. Following, simply point your device’s camera to the preferred destination to see the relevant info.
  • The surroundings will be displayed with an overlay of Maps data for close by business and there will be arrows pointed in the direction where you have to go.
  • You can also see a small map displayed on the bottom side which acts as a reminder for where you are headed.
  • VPS retrieves its data from the surrounding buildings and landmarks where you are in rather than completely relying on satellite location that erases the possible flaws with GPS.
  • Google even has plans to put a character on the particular screen to give users a feel of an augmented reality tour guide. In the demo, they tried the navigation experience with a small fox.

How to Use VPS for Business?

When Visual Positioning System will get flourished worldwide, many sectors are going to get benefitted in some way or the other and business industry will be one major area. Let us see how.

  • They can make use of the possibilities of the visual navigation system to help customers to be in their front doors without many hassles.
  • Filling out your Google business profile is the key as customers can see information about your business through Google’s Visual Positioning System service.
  • You all know about how AR uses digital virtual presentations to help business enterprises to enhance physical real life scenarios. The Visual Positioning System technology allows businesses to take their customers to have a virtual visit to the store or product repository.


We have moved to an era from where we used to ask the people on the way to check if the navigation is correct to checking on the phone using GPS to confirm the route. The innovations are opening a new world of navigation where your device visually communicates the route. This is giving clear hints that we can expect much more on the years to come.


Facebook Wants to Pay You to Answer Social Media Questions

Trichy 28th November 2019

Facebook has launched an app called ‘Viewpoints’ that claims to be a “market research app”. that will pay people for participating in its surveys, tasks and research aimed at gathering insights from users to improve its use insights from the app to improve its products including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Portal, and Oculus.Once you set up a Facebook Viewpoints account, you will be invited to join programmes.Before each programme, It will explain what information will be collected, how it will be used and how many points you will receive for completing the programme.It will let you know how many points you need in order to receive a payment, and every time you reach that amount of points, you will receive a payment sent directly to your PayPal account.

“When you join Facebook Viewpoints, we’ll ask for information like your name, email address, country of residence, date of birth and gender. We may ask you to share additional information, like your location, to qualify you for individual programmes,” Facebook Product Manager Erez Naveh says that the information collected from this survey will help the company build products to “limit the negative impacts of social media and enhance the benefits.” Once signed up, you’ll receive invites to join programs. The first available program is a survey that investigates how social media affects your well-being. The stated goal is to “build better products that aim to limit the negative impacts of social media and enhance the benefits.”It also says it will let you know what information it’s collecting, how it will be used, and how many points you’ll earn for completing the program. The well-being survey, for instance, takes 15 minutes to complete and earns you 1,000 points, which equates to five bucks.

Features to be noted in action

Additional information such as location will also be asked to ensure whether one is eligible for the program. Then there’s the usual Facebook boilerplate text about privacy stating, “We won’t sell your information from this app to third parties. We also won’t publicly share your Facebook Viewpoints activity on Facebook or on other accounts you’ve linked without your permission.” But hey, it’s Facebook which doesn’t have the best track record in this area. It also says that users can end their participation at any time.

Before Viewpoints, Facebook had 'Study' that paid users for providing their app usage data. The social media giant has said that the information will not be used to target ads and neither will it be shared with third-party companies. Before Study, there was 'Facebook Research' that paid 13-17-year-old teenagers around $20 to install a VPN on their smart phones, which would allow Facebook to get complete access to their phone's data. However, the social media giant pulled the app down after controversy. The company says it won’t sell your Viewpoints information to third parties or publicly share your activity without your permission, but keep in mind the company doesn’t have great track record with keeping your data private.

The app is available to download from your respective app store . It is meant for users who are 18 years and older in the US. It said that it will provide additional ways for people to register and then eventually expand to new countries.


Trichy 20th November 2019

Energy Soft Solutions,is the best Social Media marketing in Trichy .We are doing Digital Marketing for many clients to upgrade in their sector of business.The social medias are the amazing platform for the promotion of the website ,product or service.It is becoming more popular for practitioners and researchers.

The major social media platforms are Facebook,Instagram,Twitter,LinkedIn,Pinterest,Youtube and Snapchat etc.This involves publishing great content on your social media platforms for sharing your thoughts,engaging your followers ,analyzing results and also running social media platforms.

The major five core pillars of Social Media Marketing are

  • Strategy
  • Planning and Publishing
  • Listing and Engagement
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Advertising

Make your goals and get focus on the content to follow and share it to the groups for more leads or sales or customers.

The strength of the integrated knowledge in the Social Medias can also grow

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Inbound traffic
  • Increased search engine rankings
  • Higher conversion rates
  • More brand authority
  • Cost effective

Digital Marketing

Trichy 12th November 2019

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising,and any other digital medium.These are the systems based on the internet that can create, accelerate, and transmit product value from producer to the terminal consumer by digital networks.

Make your own business in the Google search. But Digital Marketing is a little different from other topics because things change very quickly and rapidly, which means that you have to keep practicing it. With more practical experience your understanding of the digital marketing concepts will become stronger over time. But you learn and stop practicing, what you have learned will not have any value as time goes on.

Advantages on marketing

  • It is generally cheaper than offline-marketing
  • You can target your desirable location for advertising your products
  • It is the fastest method of marketing
  • You get high Return on Investment
  • Increase brand awareness

You might know each and everything consists of both the advantages and disadvantages. So, here are some of the disadvantages of having digital marketing.

  • You need skilled and trained professional for marketing
  • There is high competition on digital marketing field
  • There might occur privacy and security issues
  • You get many negative comments and feedback

Make your business in Google Search and get more customers for your business through Digital Marketing in the Energy Soft Solutions .